Hussain Ismail


Hussain is a qualified Ear Care Specialist and a Pharmacist Independent Prescriber registered to the General Pharmaceutical council. Highly experienced professional audiologists have fully trained him and his Ear Care Practitioners in otoscopy, microsuction and ear wax removal, each of them achieving certification accredited by the Ear Nose & Throat UK (ENT UK), British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists (BSHAA) and British Society of Audiology (BSA), only such training in the UK approved by all three hearing associations and which is led by ENT specialists. They continue to receive professional development in this field from these experts.

At Squeaky Ears, the goal is simple: to encourage regular ear and hearing health check-ups and normalise the topic of ear wax. We want people in our serving communities to receive high-quality ear and hearing care as quickly and efficiently as they now access eye care.

Squeaky Ears have partnered with Tympa Health, a team of doctors and technology experts to deliver a unique 3-in-1 ear and hearing health assessment and care system:

A complete screening hearing health test 

It provides a 4-frequency hearing screener, tested at 500 Hz, 1000 Hz, 2000 Hz, and 4000 Hz. Patient-friendly and easy to follow.

Digital HD otoscopy 

It examines ears in detail and helps detect problems earlier with unparalleled high-definition images through a smartphone. We can share digitised patient records with you as well as specialists anywhere in the world.

Microsuction ear wax removal 

Microsuction is now the gold standard for ear wax removal. A more effective treatment than irrigation, microsuction is a quick, safe, and painless procedure which gently sucks the wax from the ear.

Each practitioner’s proficiency in effectively communicating, dealing, and consulting with clients from all walks of life, puts patients at ease and makes them feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

The team at Squeaky Ears looks forward to hearing from you.